A name with meaning

Sahari is an Arabic girl’s name meaning “high spirituality”, numerologically resonant with harmony, balance and peace. It is said that those who bear the name are called to a journey of conscious expansion, serving as a guiding light to inspire others on the path of personal evolution. 

Sahari Zanzibar was born out of a longing for authentic, meaningful and enriching experiences. It calls the seekers and explorers who are ready to leave expectation behind and embark on a wholehearted journey to discover beauty, connection, personal freedom and the magic of life.

Our vision for you…harmony, balance and peace

Sahari is a boutique hotel on a beautiful beach fringed with soft, white sand and shimmering turquoise waters, where the soul dangles in serene dreams. It radiates a sense of security and harmony that infuses your entire being, filling you with profound peace. It’s like a lost treasure; an exotic, welcoming paradise where the heart feels instantly ‘at home’.  


Everything we do, we do with love.


Our Garden Eden mission

Sustainability, ecology and conscious nutrition count here. We have created a beautiful seaside garden, an oasis of colour flowers, exotic fruit trees, vegetable plants and healing herbs. This is just the beginning. Our goal is to consciously evolve our Garden Eden so it becomes a place of community, where people meet, exchange knowledge, share ideas and discover new tastes and new ways to live.


Our plans include

– Founding a Dine and Garden Think Tank.

– Developing a community around gardening, dining, wellbeing, yoga, meditation and slow travel.

– Combining nutrition and movement in the form of talks, workshops and retreats.

– Inviting experts to share their expertise.


 Sahari is a place that fulfils a deep longing for the kind of beautiful simplicity that brings you home to yourself. We represent a slower, more grounded and connected way of life. Our plans for Garden Eden will bring an even deeper experience of connecting to Mother Earth, inviting our guests to dig their hands into the soil. The practice of caring for a garden reminds us that the quality of our food depends on the level of our care for self and earth. 


Garden Eden vision…culinary art is celebrated

Sahari brings people, cuisine and nature together, and food becomes a celebration of life!


At events, guests are invited to harvest ingredients from the garden. Our chefs then lovingly prepare a culinary surprise for the dinner table. Our focus is on healthy, conscious and flavoursome nutrition, with self-produced food full of vital nourishment and the energy of love.


The garden is full of fresh, wholesome produce that is turned into artful cuisine at the table.


Our aim is to create a slow food revolution, sharing knowledge about the plants, the soil, cultivation and harvesting and the magic of Mother Earth.


Garden Eden is an essential part of the Sahari Zanzibar brand

This follows our vision to give our hotel a unique character and deeper meaning, and celebrates our commitment to sustainability, ecology and health. Our Garden Eden initiative expands the possibility for new experiences, human encounters, positive emotions and lasting impressions that fuel a more connected life back home.



We will record our journey with films, photos and stories to help promote a healthier and more natural way of living. In the future, we will plant a tree for every guest who experiences a hands-on encounter with Sahari’s Garden Eden. We will actively promote and advance environmental projects and introduce a clean beach initiative.


In this way, Sahari Zanzibar becomes a boutique “hotel farm” by the sea that promotes biodiversity, sustainability and earth care.


Created by people for people

We are committed to treating this unique place fairly and equitably. It is about mutual respect and trust. We want to build, support and promote a culture of trust in our hotel and our vil­lage Bwejuu. We want to be an integral and vital part of the village community, working with residents on village development and inviting our guests to join in.


Everyone at Garden Eden should enjoy their work and feel respected and valued. Everyone should be committed to serving our guests at the highest level. Constant learning and growth are a natural part of the culture here and we encourage and challenge each other – owners included. We see the guest as king, but never forget our responsibility as emperor.

We begin with a promise

Sahari’s Garden Eden is a promise to our next generation. We want to raise awareness for a more careful and responsible relationship with Mother Earth. Our journey is just beginning, and we are hopeful for the future. We want to work together with love, trust, respect, appreciation and fun. We hope you will join us.


Blooming greetings and all love

Caro, Martin & Mario

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