Your Place of Longing

It’s a haven. It’s a feeling. It’s life. It’s your place of longing.

Do you feel it? That primal longing for an ineffable something, somewhere. The yearning to live free, unbound, at peace. To expand beyond conformity and find fresh perspectives and make new connections. The mysterious call of something forgotten. Sahari Zanzibar is the embodiment of this ineffable somewhere. Where you can live simply and vibrantly, as you feel the sweet relief of obligations and expectations fall away. It’s the place to dream, recharge your energy, mend your heart, expand your mind, to find magic in unexpected corners and linger in moments of joy. 

Sahari Zanzibar Beach Resort
Sahari Zanzibar Beach Resort
Sahari Zanzibar Beach Resort
It’s all you dream about
It’s the dream come true.  

Warm, sun-drenched days. Turquoise waters stretching to the horizon. Soft, white sand between your toes. Languid, carefree hours hanging in your beach hammock, weaving dreams for the future. Balmy nights under a starlit sky, your skin cooled by the ocean breeze. Saluting the sun as it opens the day. Simply delicious meals prepared with love and served with a smile against a backdrop of azure ocean.

Sahari Zanzibar is an exotic island paradise where the balms of earth, sky and sea soothe your soul and heartful hospitality welcomes you home. Built in typical island style, our boutique hotel sits with graceful simplicity on a dreamlike beach. It’s like no other place you’ve been. And yet, from the moment you arrive, you feel the comfort of a familiar embrace.

Sahari Zanzibar rests in a flowered palm grove on a beautiful beach along the island’s east coast, not far from the fishing village of Bwejuu and 50km from Stone Town. We offer an organic Zanzibar experience, enchanting, joyful and wholeheartedly genuine.

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Coconut or long drinks in the pool? Hanging out in the hammock on the endless white sandy beach? Or just let yourself be enchanted by the blue of the sea?
Sahari Restaurant
Sahari Zanzibar Beach Resort

Your hosts
Caro and Martin Hefel,
Mario Barfus

How three friends from Vorarlberg were drawn to Africa and became hoteliers?
Beach Resort Sahari Zanzibar
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